31 Jul 2011


                                                   Sisi(Alma) filtered by a glass.A green one.
                                        Coffee and some rapid schetches. The parc does inspire me.

                                                                       Best friends.

                                                And the best tart ever. Made by me, of  course.

                                               Do you recognize the girl behind the cotton candy?

                                                            Well, and 5 minutes later...

                                    Yes, the swans were real. And not on the restaurants menu.:P

                                            The old bridge that links the parc with te iland. We used to cross it with our dearest grandpa very often. Shhh, don't tell grandma.;)

I did it! I managed to have a picnic in the parc. It has been extraordinary relaxing and I defenetly advice you to do that sometimes! It has been one of the best Sundays ever and I can't nderstand why I never did this before. It is defenetly the best way to spend a Sunday.

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