26 Jul 2011


Let me see you now! And now follows the ultra -known statement: MUAHAHA!:p Let me see you wearing these shoes! I know, if I would get my hands on them I would probably try them on and instantly leave them there! And it's not because I don't like them.No,no,no! The problem is that I cherish them! After Zaha's sandals, these are my second favorites. The big problem is that I don't have many skills when it comes to balancer so I would probably walk on my knees and hands most of the time. And I call myself a "fashionista".:P Phuaaa!!
These lovely leather and plastic shells shoes are the creation of a newly graduate of Royal College of Art,  Victoria Spruce. She manages to create a link between old and new, between leather and plastic creating a compact look almost made from the same continuous material line. Apparently there is no link between plastic and leather, right? Well, it couldn't be more wrong. See for yourself.
    So,all in all, the only way to have them and see them it would probably be as one of those work of arts that you just admire on a shelf. Imagine a pair of these shoes on your bookshelf in your dining room. Ha? Isn't that the greatest idea ever?:D But enough with the talking, let's enjoy some shoooeeeesss!!!
All photos from www.dezeen.com

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