28 Jul 2011


  Unfortunately, these days I had to think about the Croatian trip made 2 years ago, when I left for 2 months of practice in an architecture firm in Zagreb. Alina& Marius are planning a honeymoon trip to this country and asked me to make their tour. I am amazed how the years passed since that experience.
   So, I thought to myself: why not write about it a little bit?
Here I am, remembering every bit of the trip and sigh at each photo made there.
 Chill, I won't tell you all the story from A to Z right now, 1, because it would take a while(an eternity I would say) and 2, because I will let some photos tell you more.

               If I remember it well, this should be Kastella. One little and pitoresque town on the Coast.

                                                       And... the sea...Great image.

                                     And, of course Dubrovnik.As seen from the city deffensive wall.

                    And, probably the gratest place in Dubrovnik, the caffe on the rocks. Brilliant ideea.
                                                                       Great place to be.

                                                                  Again, Dubrovnik.

                                  The way I looked like 2 years ago. Yes, much more younger.:P

                                                 Thanks oh Great Photoshop for this view!

                                                       The boy and the sea in Primojden.
                                                              The sunset in Primojden.

                                  Do you know the little animal in the water?We couldn't figure it out.

                                                                 The greatest fish plate ever.

                                                                Me, again, on the wall.:P

                                                                Sibenik town. Charming.

                                                    And Split pavement. Carefull, it's slippery.

                                                 Diocletian's palace. Working well through time.

                                                  Do you architects know this promenade?

                                                   And a different architecture in Varazdin.

                                             The boys having fun in Zadar at the Sea Organ.
                                    Brilliant way of including  the    sea in peoples lives, as music.
                                  Another perfect sunset. Isn't this strange? There is no place on the Croatian Coast where you can't see a perfect sunset.

                                                A little bit of modern architecture in Zadar.

                                                           And the perfect reflection.



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  1. Dear Mara,
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