8 Feb 2011


I am on the merge of erupting! Of sleep! This post is the best thing that could happen! I had such a terible day at work, so sleeping is the only good thing I can dream of! This evening I have been to a conference, launching a book about old Bucharest. Architect Bogdan Andrei Fezi is the author and he gathered nice and suggestive pictures in one really nice book. Almost looking like an album from grandma's locker. But of course, this wasn't really the reason I went to this event. Mr. Neagu Djuvara, a 94 and 1/2 Romanian historic is a verry interesting and smart person, who has such a great gift of story teller! He is like a grandpa I never had!Well,I had a really nice and clever grandpa!I can't compare him to nobody! But Mr Djuvara is delicious. As he gets older he becomes funnier and he talks like no other normal averege age person talks. He is sooo lucid. I am so glad I had the chance to see him live.
Oh well, but enough talking about this, for I could talk forever about how much I admire Mr Djuvara, and lets come back to our today post: SLEEPING...

Well, when I think of peaceful sleeping, I imagine having a bedroom like this one. Big pilows, many blanckets and a nice bed side teable to put my books. Oh, and my flowers. And I guess this is the perfect light for a good morning.

I think this is the kind of bed my sister would dream of. Bed side table made from books-to read.And a big mirror to see herself in the morning(I dont imagine someone wanting to see himself with the morning-face to often) and a big curtain to stop the morning rays of light. On Sunday mornings, of course.

This room makes me think of Heaven! It has a special glow, even with the old-fashioned steel bed. It's a gorgeous immage.

Do you remember "Marie Antoinette"movie? Well, this kind of arrangement reminds me of it! The bleu, the green and the flowers. A" morning" bedroom,as well. And another option for "Marie Antoinette's" room. Love the couch. I bet it is confy, not just good looking.

Just black and white. What else more to say? Classic. Nice and clean.

Oh well, I have been writing about bedrooms for about half an hour and I can say I wish I was in bed by now. So, good night and sleep tight!


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