17 Feb 2011


“Ninety-eight percent of buildings are boxes, which tells me that a lot of people are in denial. We live and work in boxes. People don’t even notice that. Most of what’s around us is banal. We live with it. We accept it as inevitable. People say, ‘This is the world the way it is, and don’t bother me.’ Then when somebody does something different, real architecture, the push-back is amazing. People resist it. At first it’s new and scary.”

Arch. Frank Gehry

I couldn't have left this chapter left away, as I am an architect and fond of fashion as well. Both architects and fashion designers dress things.Architects-buildings, fashion designers-people. And now you will probably say what is the catch! Well, both "arts" have in the middle, the human being. Both of them covers the man in a different way and at a different level.
I always considered architecture, that part of our life, that seems so unimportant but in deffinitive it is one of the most important things. We live in the product of the architect, we work in it, we go to concerts, to films, we enjoy ourselves,we live indoors more than we think. Along history, architecture had different immages and faces, as the man evolved. Each period had its characteristics and ways of building.
And yes, last, fashion, changed along with everything, including architecture. You will probably say that clothes are not so important in a person's life, and probably you are right. Why do we need so many clothes, bags, shoes? Can't we just manage with only one pair? Well,we don't. Someone told me, in life, immage is very important. Think that when you meet soeone you don't decover the inside of a person, but after looking at it. You first see the outside.And that counts first. So, fashion became a vital thing as soon as people foud out it's a necesity. Well, at the begining clothes had just a practical purpose and that's it. Later, people realized it was no longer a necessity.

And ,voila the well known architect Frank Gehry even dressed the as well famous Lady Gaga. Just to see the link between fashion and architecture.

photos by Karine Basilio for HIGHLIGHTS MAGAZINE
Fabio Bartlet for VOGUE BRASIL

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