21 Feb 2011


If I would have to describe my fashion style, one of the first names that comes in my mind is Marc Jacobs. He starts his new collection with classical and retro inspiration.The blacks, the whites and neutral colours are his favourites, I asume, after the latest collections of his. Spots are also highly used(too much, from my oppinionbut highly necessary to make the difference between classical retro and MJ's retro). His shoes have a very well ressemblence with gummy boots, although they have orthopedic heels and they are classier. Well done! And of course, the rest of the accessories, the bags and gloves(another MJ favourite item), I won't even say anything about them. It's useless. They are brilliantly classy. And so not affordable.:P Yet!:D


pictures www.garancedore.fr

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