14 Apr 2013



  2months. 2months have passed since I have been sent by my doctors to stay indoors. And not just indoors, but in bed due to some problems. There haven't been few  the low moments and I wonder how I got over them. I didn't imagine this side of  pregnancy and I m glad there is a month or so till all of this will end. Hope that the beginning of the time spent with the little one will be better. Honestly, I hardly wait for the moment, even though I am a little scared of the new things that wait for me. Will I manage being the best mum? Will I be able to handle the whole situation? This is deffinetly the first thing in my life that I can't predict and I really don't know how it will turn out in the end!I kind of hate this feeling.
         So, nowadays I spend my time between reading, watching tv(can you belive that?) or drawing. This when I am not going to the doctor.  It's kind of sad considering that I am not the kind of person to stay in bed and doing nothing. I especialy hate the fact that I can't go shopping for the little one and I have to send everyone else. I wish I could design some things for her, to arange the nursery and everything else. Sadly, I can't do none of these things so I hardly wait for this stage to end and I can function at my normal capacity. Luckily, I had some real help in my dear Mihnea, my sis and my dearest mum. I don't know what I could do without them. Thanks guys!
         I hope I will be able to be back these days with my design and life ideas. You can easily guess what are my new obsessions in design, considering the new member we are adding to our clan. I have been intensly searching nursery ideas like crazy and I do have a great collection. Hardly wait to share them with you.
           Have a nice Sunday afternoon guys!

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