23 Feb 2013


I know I haven't been present for quuite a long time,here,on the blog. I have been having little issues with my pregnancy and it was impossible for me to even think of writing. I have been exiled to bed for about 1 month and I couldn't bring the computer with me in my retreat.Well, I have to say that I am fine, as long as I respect my doctor's indications and I simply stay in bed. All day loong. I have to say that I have been a little depressed about this thing, beeing used to lots and lots of activities. I haven't been staying like this,in front of the tv or reading, for a verry loong time. Since school I guess. I think I am getting used to this "not doing anything" just thinking of how hard and exhausting will be after she pops out. Shishhh. I forgot to say that I have already seen the little one, at the 4D ecography and I was so thilled when they also gave me a little short movie of her, hanging out in there and having fun by herself. I am now in the late 6 months pregnant and I hope she will stay in there as long as she can, for everything to befine in the end and she will be a healthy little lady. So,if you hear me(not that I am talking to you each an every day) little miss, please, consider staying aat least for 2 more months, in there! Hang on! Will meet soon. Mummy promises.
     As long as I am doomed to stay still, and I could finaly get the laptop along with internet connection, I rushed to check all my daily blogs and Pinterest and Facebook. It actually felt good this past few weeks without checking my mail and everything twice on hour, just once a day.
    Well, enough talking. I could talk all day long if you let me. So, to sum it up,because my sitting position is not very confortable , I will share a nice image, found on my loving Pinterest, an image for this period, the V(Valentines etc.) period.For my beloved one, the gratest future daddy ever!

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