14 Apr 2013


          I love minimalism in interior design. I don't know how I would function in this kind of space(being used to be surrounded by vintage elements) but I do appreciate clean, smooth design. And it is also easier to clean. Iwon't tell you how much it takes me to clean the whole house.
            So, I know that it would be impossible for us to have a minimalist nursery,  considering the object collection that we gathered in time, but I couldn't help miself  when I found these images.

But look, it can be minimal with vintage objects, right? Interesting house shelves.

 Just two collors. Grey with a hint of yellow. Kind of plain for a kids room, though.

The house inside the house. It is an architectural principle, yes but this is very obvious. The design of this little toy house is quite modern. It's like reproducing a real house in a kid's bedroom. Inspiring ideea. It also has a structure to give more stability to the whole house. The yellow accents highlight  the volume and give the object more personality. Would definitely love to build such an object for the little one. But first, I should find the space.

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