17 Sep 2012


After stealing the Ikea product brochure from some lucky fellow who lives in the city center and gets it before the 1st of September, and then receiving it as usual, hanged on our front door, and after our first walk throughout the store just to see the goodies of this fall...the next Ikea-obsession consequence happened. One of our dear friends, invited us at one of her dear friends, who had recently refreshed an apartment with Ikea twinkle blinkles. Yes, shes joined willy-freely the Ikea campaign of this season and answered the provoking task of redecorating an apartment using a cheap budget and her witty ability to chose a minimal intervention.
     Last day of it, the apartment joined a party with pancakes and popcorn, a good film and some even better company, welcoming atmosphere and of coursesomething borrowed and something blue and the best of it, Ikea of course.
       By this means, we would like to thank Cristina Bazavan for the quality time of yesterday s evening . Not only that we saluted her choices but I wave terribly for this whole concept of putting herself into the mood of an apartment that , at first sight seemed nothing but just an apartment in the center of the city with a very tricky path to the entrance (we almostdidnt get there). We appreciated her honesty in all this process. The ugly bookcase that was the main problem of the existing situation , she chose not to hide, but try to make the most of it. And, honestly there wasnt much left to be done. The personal touch was everywhere. You could have seen the red wire connecting everything with a very bright way of seeing, acting and being. She was , above it all, the every single object she chose. Everything was so delicate,  shabby-chic, natural and unaggressive. The light was mild and the apartment seemed natural-born this way.
         It was funny the way we spied into everywhere, trying to point our finger at any Ikea product that we could have detected. At the end, we surely recognized that :YES, thats Ikea and YES, this is Cristinas apartment every single angle of it tells a wonderful story about a person you surely would like to meet. We , for instance, felt  
honored and glad. Thank you!

Written by ALMA POPAN

  The row of flowers at the upper part of the couch was a ray of joy at your back, enriching the furniture that received a fresh Ikea layer, a cozy beige cover , over a dark grey something.

Cristina likes flowers. You can notice that from the photos of her previous Ikea posts on her blog
http://bazavan.ro/ . The number of flowers and pots she choses is almost equal to the one of accessories. Here you can see the defining pattern of the house, picturing a white tree print on a black fabric. The tree of life and the joy of nature is once again a light motive of the indoor arrangement.

   Her absolute favorite part of the house, the most intimate room of all , is a romantic bunch of delicate Holland ceramic- inspired sheets mixed with the transparency of the see through lace texture.


  Here s me, grabbing my favorite object of the house and exploring its every line of its childish graphic , just before the movie started.

Here are the treats just before they gotaway;)

Once more, the lace and its filigree beauty, holding another flower and putting some positive attitude to the ugly bookcase.

  First pumpkin pie of the season, with delicious raisins and delicate sugar powder. Amazing , everything fits the scenery of an easy Friday late afternoon.

Here is Cristinas business card the bedside table made out of a pile of selected books based on her work and passions, that, as in any fortunate case, you cannot tell which is which.  

The curtain finish and the dress finish are working together in a composition that details delicacy.

Few well-mannered fashion examples of a very fine taste make the scenography of the entrance hall. Equilibrium and patience welcomes you warmly to take a look and pay a visit.

  A small sample of a greenhouse the greenhouse for two, was placed to be noticed. A first sight delight!

  Traces of a French boudouir on the hedge of the window, left intentionally and apparently without any rule, aside. A fine trick giving once more the impression of a lively and lived apartment.

Three ranges of local light pointed from above our pancakes both us and the lights spotted well the appetizers spot;)

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