25 Sep 2012


Back in business with my blogging. For this Monday, another Cluj review. This time, I will show you one of my favorite Romanian modern piece of architecture: CLUJ ARENA. I for instance have been surprised in a good way by the new image Romanian sports could get.The project, by DICO& TIGANAS, a well known Romanian Architecture Office, fits very well in Cluj scenery. This old town, being populated by lots and lots of old buildings, as you could easily see in the previous post, really needed a reviving and a splash of new. And it came. It came with Cluj Arena. As an architect I am proud that we can still make occidental architecture in a Post Communist country as ours, and I am proud of people who understand that everything has to evolve. Even architecture. And yes, this is a good example of new architecture in an old urban tissue.

Have a wonderful week. 

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