18 Sep 2012


I know I am a little late on blogging, and I haven't even shared with you my feelings and images from Cluj. Sorry. I promise you some days on this subject. Living in Bucharest can be a little bit tiering sometimes, the whole atmosphere can get clustered and you feel you can't breath normally. That's why, it comes a time in your life, when you say: "That's it! I have to change something or else, I will go mad!". And that's what I did. Last week, we took a little break. Cluj break. Due to M's courses in the city, we could enjoy a few relaxed days in a very beautiful and inspirational town. I can say I was really amazed of it's cosmopolitan aspect and I would easily compare it to any western city I've been to. Good food( I would say the best!), nice people, and more nice buildings.So, for the first post(of the I don't know how many there will be) I propose some Cluj architecture. I am very fond of the Austrian influenced architecture and lucky me, Cluj has plenty of that.So,enjoy a few of the well preserved such architecture.

The city seen from above. From the central church tower. Breathtaking.

The Casino from the Central Park, a beautiful building that has just been restored. This is a YES in the restoration area. Good job!

Well, someone has been lucky enough to live here, in Cluj, for 1 year. This person is mum! And this is the building where she stayed. Just across Central Park. Shishhh...

Mathias Corvinus birthplace. Birth building actually. Nice piece of architecture, and you may believe it or not, it is the oldest in the city, dating from XV century. It has gathered inside a hospital, a prison and also an inn. A lot of functions for one house. Oh, and it is a Gothic  example of residential buildings.I most liked it for it's front door(here in image) and for the atmosphere around it. Like in a real medieval town. 

The Franciscan Church. Great building, built for the first time in the XI-XII century and then rebuilt after the Tatars invasion(1241). Great building to represent the late Romanic Style.

Another nice building representing Romanic style, just beside the Franciscan Church.Great color that emphasize the framings of the windows.

And here is one of my favorite, St. Maichael's Church. It is Gothic, of course, and it is a great piece of architecture built in 1316! Among many important events that have happened inside, one is the baptism of King Mathias Corvinus.  More on this brilliant building, in posts to come.

Inspiring facade, on Napoca's Str. It was just a small restaurant, but  with a great front design. Almost Art Deco.

The modern interior of The Casino. Especially appreciate the bridge across the main room.

View on Small Somes, the river that gently crosses the city. Doesn't this image look like Prague scenery? I could easily live here...

The Firemen Tower rises over the small housing stock. 

And the Orthodox Cathedral, another beautiful piece of architecture. I am not fond of Orthodox churches, but this one is one of the most beautiful I have seen. It is simple and imposing.Apparently it has been given to the community in 1933. 

A beautiful Art Nouveau house is among others, an interesting front view on Heoes Str.Please, observe the fact that most buildings are in a very good condition, comparing the ones in Bucharest. Could be the people?

The St Michael's  Church Tower, in person. Been there, seen that! Amazing!

See you soon with brand new images and impressions on Cluj. 

Text and photos by Mara Popanand Mihnea Gligor.

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