8 Nov 2011

Twesday inspiration

Unfortunately, the cake was a smashing hit, and I was able to take some photos of it, but till I find them you will have to wait.:P Lazy and lousy me, I forgot what I told you last week and the snapshots of it are still in my camera.:P So, for today, to make you forget about the cake, I will show you some nice ideas to start the week.

                                                 Nice and elegant teapots for the 5 o'clock tea.

                                                   The comfiest bed ever, to wake up in, with the best way to use your architecture projecting lamp .

                                        This would be my favorite spot in the house. Really thought how to use that roll of old wallpaper. Nice and cheap way to "pimp" your bathroom.

The next acquisition for my mug-cup collection.

                                                  And an idea for a wedding outfit.

Enjoy and have a nice day.


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