30 Nov 2011


    Yeah, that's right, it has passed. Another year has passed away. So quickly, again. This time of year I use to draw a line and think. Think of what I did during the year, and what I didn't do, that I should consider the year that will come. It's hard work, because every time I realize that are many things I didn't do, that I wished I did. 
   Tomorrow December begins, and together with it,one of my favorite period of the year. I love all the pretty and shiny Christmas decorations allover town and the goodness that surrounds everything. It is good that one month, every  year, people remember to be good to each other. Imagine that behavior each day of the year. The story would have been different.
     In order to feel the Christmas spirit  better this year,and avoid the Grinchy side of us, I propose, to discover, together, for each day, till 25th December, one cozy, bright idea for this time of year. So, let the hunting begin! The haunt for Christmas spirit!!! 

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