9 Nov 2011


I don't know if you observed but it's autumn. :P For 2 months now. And I haven't thought yet to rehab the autumn wardrobe. Till now. For some years now, I have given more importance on how I dress and I have been searching inspiration in everything, from people seen in the street, sites, and of course, blogs. I have changed my ideas and priorities and as years passed by, I have reached to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what you wear, or how much does your clothes cost, as long as you look good and have the proper attitude. This last thing can change everything, I tell you.

Here are some autumn inspirations for me this year. Kind'a classic,don't you think?

My favorite combination for chilly autumn days. And yes, I don't know about that handbag, if it has a role in keeping you warm, but it looks good, right?

And here is the perfect office outfit. Classic but in the same way effective.

Well, these boots (and the "grandma made " socks ) just drive me crazy. And, this way of wearing them, helps your wallet during these days of crisis, as you don't need to spend money on a new pair of winter boots.:D

Argh! This gives me an idea of "pimping" my trench coat :))) But...No. Yet.:P

One thing for this one: observe the color and the cut. Just that.

                               The new Mara handmade project. The sequined clutch. Lot of work but it's worth it.

New trend, the ice cube? Maybe, though being so transparent doesn't give me much of  safety.

Didn't know how to wear my green trousers. Well, now I do.:D

I didn't really get it: is this a he or a she? Nice colors anyway. And camera.

This is certainly a he. And guess this is the perfect combination for a guy.

The sporty-rock girl on the run. Of course, I love the bracelet.

 And miss  Dunst in this red trench coat shoes that red has always been and will be a great color for everyone.  So, wear it!

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