15 Nov 2011


     Let me tell you something: I live on the ground floor of a typical Bucharest apartment. That is why I have always dreamed of living as high as possible. If I could, I would probably go on the roof, though the city hall would probably fine me, for illegal building . And who is that lucky to have a very old aunt who lives him a very big apartment in an inter war downtown block of flats? Well, I am not. So, till I will be able to afford such a flat, maybe in Paris, why not? I steal ideas from others, of course. This one, here, is in Stockholm, Sweden and it's my last obsession. It has all the essential elements, one cozy and "good after work apartment " should have: lots of white, fluffy sheets, pillows on the ceiling, nice collection of objects and, and... last but certainly not least, a BIG glass surface, essential for those Sunday sunny mornings or snowy winter days.  And, I guess you could sense from my storytelling that this is my ideal apartment. For the moment.:D

immages from here

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