21 Jan 2013


Yes, starting from this week I have been feeling quite pregnant. At last! The kicks have started about 2 weeks ago, but my belly wasn't quite visible. It felt like having bubbles in my stomach. But this week, my bump has gone wild! It has grown and it's quite round. Just like a ball. It's a funny feeling to feel in the same time the rapid kicks, and imagine what the hack is she doing in there! Not saying that I think she is even twisting in there! Sometimes I feel like having a real circus inside! Today, I have even weight myself and got amazed how the numbers have changed. Well, I guess this is the only time when I can gain weight and not  really worry about it quite so much. I can't imagine the first weeks after, my life newly changed, trying to loose all the plus kilos. Well, considering the fact that I am the half way to giving birth, probably I shouldn't think to much about that.
      I should concentrate on the benefits of pregnancy, for I haven't experienced nothing bad these past months, no morning sickness, no moodiness, no nothing. It's good, isn't it? Next week, for example, it's a big one! I will have my 4D eco  and I couldn't be happier! I will see my little one and more than that, I will come home with new photos! My scrapbook should be created this time soon. Can't wait !
     See you next week with more news!

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