15 Jan 2013



 I bet this year will be different. It must be. First, and most important, in 5 months we will have another member of the family, and that changes the perspective 360 degrees. So, it's a new start, that's for sure. I hardly wait. I could plan everything in my life till now. It's a new and exciting challenge. And we will manage to get it through. Under the "influencing kicks" of the little one, I am writing my first post for 2013. I had waited enough for the inspiration to come. Now or never!
 So, darlings, I wish you to enjoy 2013 even with it's unlucky 13. I bet it will be special! I can feel it! I wish we all try to be better, with us, with the others and always try to see the good part in everything.
   This year it's the first one when I didn't make a New Year's resolution list. Why? Because, first, I have too many things in my mind that I should do this year, but second and most important is that I should make new year resolutions for two now.
   My year starts today, this very instant! On a Tuesday. I know, 3 unlucky moments. I don't care! It's my beginning of the year and it's great! Hope yours was too! See you, more happy and more design an life loving this year!!!

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