13 Aug 2012


Had in mind a city break like this for a loong,long time. Followed by a whole day of "not doing anythiing". Well, here it was and passed so quickly. Snap! Here are a few snapshots of the weekend spent in Mihnea's childhood village.

We see this everyday in Bucharest but not in this way. A pack of hay, for those of you that are city bread.:P

 Dambovita, the river that crosses Bucharest too, but in a different view. A nicer one if you would ask me. No concrete at all!

 An inspirational fence.

 Some handmade carpets. Made by Granny.;) My roof terrace would look great if I had one of these.:D

Mmme Pompidou, the cat. Always on time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

 And talking about dinner, this is just the beginning of my first grill. Self made, I mean.:D I won't show you the images after because I still want you to read my blog. But I can tell you it has been delicious!:D

 Some melted marshmallows, a pure delight!

I salute you and see you in the city life. Phuaaa!! 

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