27 Aug 2012


It is known that the triangle is the most sustainable structure. For some years now, I have been captivated about this element, ever since my 5th year Museum project. Of course, my degree project couldn't be any different and I couldn't help myself finding a little place in it, for using some triangles. Since then, I chase all "triangle based projects" and kind'a collect them. Lately I have found many of these and quite interesting ones, I might say. For instance, this clubhouse, designed in Chongqing, China by the Plus Partnership Limited Team. 

The whole project started as a reinterpretation of a natural element, the mountain, present in the geographic background. To imitate as well as possible the natural, the team used the triangle, as a base element and multiplied it in many shapes and forms as possible, recreating nature. Not only they reinterpreted the rock but they managed to add interior light through some  LED lights that seem like raindrops or the stalactites and stalagmites of a cave.Really effective are the golden reception counters, that add some preciousness to the whole building. The marble and the concrete are the two building elements used for this"mountain effect" and gray and black are the two main colors. Just like a real geographic form.The well realized finishes and well studied interior perspectives make of this project a dynamic and full of surprises one, each corner revealing a different image, due to the well placed slits of light, that accentuate the triangles edges. 
More details on this project, you can find here

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