23 Aug 2012


Do you know that strange feeling during summer when you feel you want to escape the hot city and run away somewhere cool? Well, these days have come for me. I dream of having a weekend or just a day at a picnic. Just the idea of sitting on grass all day long and enjoy some homemade sandwiches and lemonade, from a classic picnic basket, makes me want to take this kind of break. I thought what my picnic day would look like and look what my mind came up with:

 A Yogy Bear kind of picnic anyone?:D  Just the table reminds me of that, the rest of the arrangement being very shabby chic.

 I do imagine myself on those pillows, sipping from that wine. Mmmm. The nice part is that you can easily transform them easily from a seating element into a sleeping one.:D

 Those bird cages really do the trick of this image. And I guess they probably can use as candle holders as well. And again, those brilliant pillows. Bigger this time. I'd say"and better".

 Well this could be another kind of picnic: in the backyard of your countryside house. With lanterns and everything, including the marine theme with dark blue. I for instance crave for those gas lamps on the table. I have a small collection of those from my grandparents, but these are quite special.

 This is what I call an improvised picnic. Just take your bike, the bed blanket and off you go. Oh and some food, of course.
This is more or less a romantic dinner in the garden, but you can take it easily as a picnic too. 

And why not, a picnic on the beach. And use a lot of whites and vintage glassware to design the food area. Oh, God, and of course throw some more pillows to create the comfy effect! Relaxation guaranteed!

Last but for sure not least, this is my favorite picnic case. It just has everything: nice plates and cutlery, nice colors and above all, it is sooo romantic, isn't it?:D
 So, let's dream this weekend we escape from the city in a magical place, with our beloved ones and we just relax. Because, as we like it or not, a new working week will come after that and we should be mentally if not physical  prepared. 

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