9 May 2012


Long time no see. Very busy and important. Since last I've postedd, manny things have happened. Hope a bachelorette party and a wedding are enough to justify my lack of posting. I've been so busy organising everything and helping Roxanne with all the things, that I couldn't even check my dayly reads and blogs.So, these pictures are a little preview of the wedding that happened last weekend. Hope I will be able to provide more photos the next days. It has been a great weekend, spent with friends and having maximum of fun. The ceremony was beautiful and so the reception. our 3 months work has been apreciated and all the handmade accessories were the main atraction. After the bride and groom. 
These past days, I have lived emotions I haven't lived before. Seing my friend getting married brought me great emotion. Even though I have seen every steps of the making of the dress, I couldn't resist miself and I almost burst into tears. I never thought I was that emotive.
So, I am back and I will try posting as often as I can. Bye for nooww!;)

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