14 May 2012


Never thought I would ever get here. 27! OMG! And still, it is true. I am 27 and a few days now. Don't feel more than 20 though. :P Being a child till the end, right? I've spent my b-day with half of my family, my dearest sister, my mom and Mihnea. I t has been a delight to share this day with them on the INFINITEA terrace, till it got dark. The fairytale atmosphere got me far far away, in the land of Peter Pan. The whole place smells like tea, cookies, and fairies.It is officially my new favorite relaxing spot. Ironically, a few days before this, I was having a talk with Alma, about the lack of peaceful and contemplative places in Bucharest. And we found it! I am sure there are lots of places like this, and I am determined to find them! 
Till then, enjoy some creative pictures( you can't let your camera out of hand while being in that place) of my small birthday celebration.
Hugs and more 27 years to come!;)

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