13 Apr 2012


I take advantage of the Easter Holliday to catch  up with my blogging. My busy and not so organized schedule didn't give me the opportunity to write and not even search for new design ideas anymore. Well, I can't say I don't like it. I loove busy days, actually. 
For Easter is almost here, I propose to you some little relaxed moments. Of cousre, after eating and feasting with your beloved ones. 

 This, of course, it would be your porch. If you had one and I really envy you if you do have one right now.:D The colorful pillows with geometric designs are a must for the design, as well as the vintage mixed furniture!

 This is a pastel version of a porch design. Observe the merge between indian style and some Chineese paper lamps. And some French accents, with the white exterior curtains. Relaxation  guaranteed.

This is more likely to realize, for most of you have an apartment in the city. Some thrown pillows on your balcony, some flowers and some soft lighting with some candles, and it's ready! You are the happy posessor of a relaxing space. Outside.

 And if you decide to celebrate Easter at a picnic, this would be my proposal for you. Elegant and romantic.

Another  porch ideea it would be the wooden swing. In white and flowers. This  reminds me about my grandpa's design for us. He made us, when we were small children, a swing just like this, and we had it hung  under the big tree in the garden. Priceless moments.

 This place is not quite outdoor, but it does give you that relaxed feeling too. You are inside, but in the same time, outside, and you definetely feel the nature.

I guess you observed that most outdoor spaces use white as basic color, and pastel shades. Is that the general combination for RELAXING? Maybe.
 What I know, is that I can already see the effects. 
I hope that I managed to help you visualise the perfect zen spot, and you got the main ideea for this Easter Holliday: RELAAAX AND HAVE FUUUN!!!;)

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