2 Apr 2012


YESSS!! My favorite part of the year is in town. spring that is. After working so hard for 3 weeks in a row, I can finally  feel the spring. With all its colors, image, smells and warm sun. Oh, yes, warm sun. Hw I've missed that! This year's winter has been a big issue. Finnaly it is gone.
And talking about beginnings, I see Monday like a long morning. All day long. So, in the morning, what is your favorite activity, when you can't wake up and feel useful? Yes, coffee is the name! I certainly have a big and hot cup of brown beverage every morning. Especialy that I am lucky enough to serve the best coffee in town, Italian coffee, made in Romania.Unfortunately, this has made me quite picky when tasting coffee elsewhere. Thanks boss and  Mr. Florescu from "Delicatese Florescu", for introducing me to quallity coffee and chocolate. Although they support different ways of making coffee, one being the Italian espresso addict and the other one the Turkish way of serving coffee, they have introduced me to this coffee world.  I don't smoke, drink or party till morning(not anymore:P) so, I admit, coffee is my "guilty pleasure". Beside shoes and bags.:P
Long live coffee! Says the addict in me.:P

 The cookie and the coffee. Always!

 Coffee and design. Of course, it's all about design.

 The perfect set for a perfect breackfast.  Oh, and coffee of course.

The Italian espresso. Per sempre!

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