28 Oct 2011


Well, this is a controversial subject for us,Romanians. We are in the middle of it: we don't know whether to celebrate it ( as it is not a Romanian or local celebration) or to pass over. I have to say, I don't agree with this holiday or the other one,of St V's but it is a good way to have fun, so, why not. Last year I organised such a Halloween party and I can say it was a total success. This year, I will pass it, and focus on the other true celebration in my family, my boyfriend's birthday, that by simple coincidence,is on the same 31st.:D Lucky him, ha?

So, I will make you a suggestion: why not try this year another way to carve you pumpkin? So, through my daily brousing look what I found on http://www.refinery29.com/  .Must say I never thought of these kind of pumpkin. Guess, I never was a real fashion obsessed. So, guys, what the hell do you think of these fashion interpreted pumpkins? Would you do something else?

 This is a Balmain inspired pumpkin, my favorite, actually.
 This I shouldn't say more, the sign on the pumpkin being obvious. Or, c'moon, for those not in the fashion business at all, It's a Louis Vuiton pumpkin.:P
 The Missoni pumpkin is a little bit to crazy for me, but it is a type.
 And the Miumiu pumpkin, reinterpreting the last collection for Ss 2012. Well, to glittery I must say.:P
And this one inspired of ... I will let you to guess the fashion item.:P

Have a spooky weekend,


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