12 Sep 2011


OMG!!! I had to use my pc to find out how many years passed since  I started school! Today, there are exactly 19 years! This is crazy! Where is all that time in between?! I slightly remember my first day of school, most of it is in blur, but I can see the school yard, clearly( I have been studying in that school for 8 years), with a lot of kids, scared and amazed just like me. I can see my teacher, which I totally loved at that time(she was young and smiling all the time, probably to make the transition from the playground to school more easier. I bet she was my age now...,or even younger), and I clearly  remember the "ABECEDAR"( the first school book I have ever touched and that was the IT of school books at that time and for a time then) and of course lots of flowers. I thought of the beginning of the school yesterday, during my Sunday shopping day in the supermarket, when I  stumbled in a hole bunch of children and parents probably at the florists! Funny thing is that we still use to give teachers flowers at the beginning of school, even with this crisis. :P
So, today , when all the streets were filled with children and their parents, I remembered with a little melancholy, my first contact with school life, that has just ended last year. And I am amused by my father's saying at that time, when I had days when I didn't enjoyed going to school:" Stay chill, because your school days are just at the beginning. There are more years to come!". Well, those years have passed. Just like the wind, and now I am thinking of starting school again by going to a post university course. Yes, I know what you are saying, that probably I am a kind of maniac but you probably remember my workaholic post, so...
This day brings me memories of the week before school when we had those shopping days for school supplies. I loved the smell of ink on my notebook, or of a new plastic pencil box, or the new ironed uniform. Oh, I truly miss those days when adult complicated life seemed so far away...

And again, for those little ones that start their first day of school today, good luck and break a leg! And don't forget, this is the first day of a great adventure!;)


P.S.: In the honor of this day, I purchased myself a drawing book, just like in old days of school.

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