8 Sep 2011

Feeling Septemberish

      Yes, it is already september, it hasn't started feeling like autumn yet but it is here. Everybody is in a rush, for a reason:  they just came from the summer holiday and they had just started working, or they are preparing to start school. These are the two events that reign these weeks. Nothing elese. As if people forgot how to take a break, a big breath and a big mug of hot chocolate ( if there would be a drop of September rain, but it is hot like in July) and meditate for a while. No, they have to run up and down like crazy.
     That's why I thought that you would like my today post, and see it like a little break in the everyday routine. I thought,why not run free from all the city noise and chill in a mountain cabin, snuggling in sheets. The ones from http://www.aurahome.com.au/

     They are so cozy looking and you can't bare to look at them without wanting to try them out and maybe jump for a little nap. The site is also very convincing and you can feel the whole atmosphere from the pictures. They just send you a calm ant tranquil mood, don't they? It is primordial to create that atmosphere that you feel closer to your soul and mind, that would help you relax after a big day at work, inside your bedroom. A few weeks ago I was promoting a happy and colourful immage for the house, but I must say, pastel colours are perfect for a gloomy day, and they are much more elegant. The patel colours tend a little bit towards grey so they work together very well, even if one is blueish and the others are red or pink. That is the fun thing about pastels, that they can be mixed up without making a messy immage as in combining pure colours.

     Now, I should follow my advice, and  make myself a chocolate, or better a cold drink, for the temperature outside is still over 30, and catch up with my September reading. Tell you what's the book later.


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