23 Jun 2011


JAK& JILL. Yeah, I know you know.:P It is one of the best fashion blogs nowadays. I don't like it for it's notoriety, but for the way the pictures are captured. I bet all people photographed didn't even feel him sneaking near them and taking a quick shot(although, Garance(www.garancedore.fr) was presenting a while ago how to pose for crazy blogers:P).
These pictures in particular, are my favorite, for one that they are so vivid and clear, and then, for the accessories. My latest craziness are big and bright accessories that take your outfit out of the ordinary. Just like these ones here. Good for mum she kept her bangles from college.:P
Today I intend going to a Heaven on earth store, where I hope I'll find some material to make myself some bright, long dresses for this summer.That is called hunting for bargains.;)

Have a nice Thursday my darlings,

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