28 Jun 2011


This post goes for my boyfriend who totally loves this kind of spaces. I am talking about attics. And he is wright loving them. They give a certain spirit, warmer, friendlier and special. They create a room that for sure can get the "special" one of the whole house, that children and grownups would love unconditionally. Their worm image comes for sure from the wood
( the beams of the roof should be apparent). These beams can be treated as one wishes, they can be painted, lacquered, not lacquered. You can choose whatever you want. You can even hide them, but still keeping the angle of the roof. You will guarantee the same effect: THE ATTIC EFFECT. Oh, I and I won't tell about the ceiling light, placed above the bed or sofa, or just in the middle of the room. Imagine a midnight clear, with the sky full of stars, you snuggling in your bed, with a cup of something in your hand, and of course your sweetheart, watching the sky. Priceless. Or, the soft light of the morning, cracking through the window, right over you. Oh my God! I love attics! And yes, attic style goes for any function of the house, not just bedrooms.
I am a totally attic addict.:P

See for yourself.;)

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