15 Jul 2012


 This weekend has been awfulll!!!Soo hooot! 41 degreees!!Jeesuuus!! Bucharest is hell, I tell you! So, as we didn't have anything to do, and going outside was impossible  even to  think about, we decided to cook a little. Sincerely, our friend Alina and Marius made us doing this after they have started their cooking blog that looks and seems delicious as the name says: http://delicii.mariusdragne.ro/
So, after we finished redecorating the kitchen cupboard( that would be another story), we started the cooking process. Mihnea bought a few days ago some sweet potatoes and we were anxious to try new recipes with it. We decided making some wedges with a few normal potatoes too, some marinated chicken grill and mum's famous apricots and peaches summer cake.                             Oh and some Cuba Libre! With lots of ice!
So, the recipes are simple: the potatoes were first mixed with some olive oil, some chilly, curry, potato condiments, salt and pepper, and the chicken breast was held for a couple of hours in a mixture made from lemon juice, olive oil, teriaky  sauce ,and again, salt and pepper. It turned out being a delicious dinner and a perfect end for this hot,hot weekend! Hope next week will be better! 

P.S.: The cake recipe is still a secret.:D 

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