25 May 2011

All roads go to...Alghero

And all hearts,I might say.There is where mine is, for sure.From the moment I landed, till the moment I will wellcome Alma back home.
This past week has been a blast! Not only I have meet my sister there, but I have had a great time discovering new things, meeting new people. Every day was a discovery, a relevation, a wonder. I have seen this town as the perfect place to relax and to contemplate.Everything: the sea with its smell, the sun, the dawn,the people, the buildings. They were all there. The days spent in Barcelona were a dream came true, though. I will tell you all about it in another post. There are two different things that I can't mix. Each with it's own feelings, memories, immages.
First,Alghero,a small town in Sardenia. The town where my sister studies for the moment. It's the perfect gateaway, what can I say more? This following immages speak for themselves. You wish you would be there, right? You can't say no to such an opportunity. I couldn't.So, I packed my things and flew to meet my sister there. I will never regret it!
Now, I will let you accompanied by some photos, to imagine how beautiful it has been.And probably making your next list for the summer hollydays.

Still with the heart in Alghero, Mara

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